Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will the science program’s fees be refunded to participants who applied for participation with abstract if they are accepted?

A: Students who will make a presentation with an accepted abstract will be able to request financial support from their school with an invitation letter which will be sent by us. If their request is not accepted, ONLY the science program’s charge will be afforded by us.

Q: If my application on participation with abstract is not accepted, what should I do to attend to congress?

A: If you are not accepted, a mail will be sent, which asks you whether you will attend or not. If you state that you want to attend, your application will be changed with the usual one. If you state that you do not want to attend to congress, ALL fees will be refunded to your bank account. If you state you want to attend to congress, but then cancel your registration, the cancellation policy will be applied which is applicable to all participants.

Q: For participation with abstract, will only unique research be accepted, or will presentations on a case be welcomed too?

A: Presentations on a case are welcomed, but during assessment, we will give priority to unique research.

Q: For participation with abstract, are all subjects accepted?

A: While there is no limitation on abstract, during acceptance process, applications covering obstetrics and gynecology will have a priority.

Q: Are you accepting two people for student presentations?

A: Oral presentations are required to be given by one person and only the presenting student’s scientific program cost will be paid by our congress. The poster presentations can be given by one or two students. If two students present together, both of their scientific program cost will be paid by our congress. However, if two people give the poster presentations and their presentation is ranked, then the price that will be given won’t change and the original price’s distribution will be left to the students’ preferences.

Q: Do the students who give oral presentations are obliged to give their presentations in English?

A: During our congress there will be Turkish-English simultaneous translation. The participants can give their presentation in Turkish or English which ever language they prefer.





Q: How many persons could stay at the hotel rooms? Can we stay as three?

A: Our rooms are planned to accomodate 2 persons but there could be arrangements according to requests. In case of a change in the number of guests, the fee per person will slightly increase. You need to send us an email referring to your request. The email must include your name, surname with the information of your roommates that you wish to stay with.


Q: How can we reach the hotel? Do you have a plan for people arriving from out of Istanbul?

A: There will be a a survey prepared by our logistic team, which will be announced to our  participants before the congress starts. The results of this survey will be taken into consideration to define the shuttle points (possibly Dudullu Coach Station, Sabiha Gökçen Airport). The shuttles will set off to the venue on 27 March 2020 in the morning.


Q: What is the distance between the university and the hotel?

A: It is a 10-minute drive from the hotel by shuttle.


Q: On the first day of the congress I will be arriving  from out of the city with my luggage. Where can I store it at the venue?

A: On the first day of our congress, the participants coming from out of the city will be able to use our luggage storage room for free.


Q: How far in advance can I check-in at the hotel?

A: All participants with accommodation will check-in at the hotel at the same time, following the academic programme on the first official day of the congress. Attempts of individual and early check-ins will not be allowed.


Q: Can I stay at the hotel for any longer? Or can I come and stay at the hotel earlier?

A: As the congress organisation, we do not have any contract with the hotel (Istanbul Hilton Kozyatağı) for extra accommodation requests. Therefore, individuals are expected to take their responsibility for their own arrangements.




Q:What are the requirements for participation without abstract in congress?


A:There isn’t any restriction on age or university for participitation. Graduates, high school students and university students that are from other faculties can participate to our congress


Q:When is the deadline for participation without abstract?


A:Participation for academic program will continue until the congress day. However, quota (number of available spots) for accommodation, premiere and after party are limited. After the quota is full, the registration will be closed.  The occupancy rate for accommodation, premiere and after party will be announced via our social media accounts. Follow us.


Q:Can I attend social program without attending scientific program?

A:No, To be able to attend social program, participation to academic program is compulsory.


Q:How can I pay?

A:After you complete your registration via our website, the confirmation e-mail that consist of bank account information will be send to you. In 15 days after the confirmation mail has reached you, you should send us the participation fee by money transfer.


Q:I registered to the congress and paid in the required fee to the given bank account. However I am not able to participate in the congress due to reasons beyond my control. Is there a chance for me to cancel my registration and get my money back?


A:According to our cancelation and refund policy, till February 29th half of the fee can be refunded. But after Februry 29th there will be no refund. 


Q: Can more than one participant’s charge be paid in through the same bank account?

A: Yes, it can. However, in the explanation section all the participants’ names, surnames and the type of tickets that they purchased should definitely be indicated.


Q: How many of the workshops can we participate?

A: Every participant will have the opportunity to select one or two workshops depending on the workshop that they will choose.


Q: When will the registering to the workshops start? How will we choose?

A: You can select your workshops by a form that will be shared with you through the WhatsApp groups that will be formed. Due to the fact that we have limited participant number for our workshops, for the workshops that are high in demand the participants will be chosen according to their order to fill out the form. During the selection process there will be a certain quota separated for our participants who made early registrations. The opening time of the form will be announced through the groups beforehand.

For example: If 50 people are able to participate in X workshop, 20 people of this quota will only be open for the participants who made early registrations. This 20 people quota will be open for early registered participants and the rest of the 30 people quota will be available for both early and late registered participants.





Q: During my registration for the congress, I didn't buy the ticket for gala night social event, however, I then decided to attend the social event. Will I have the chance to register during the congress?

A: Our organisation’s social event has participant limits. If it's not sold out by the day of the congress, our participants will be informed about the ticket sales for the event.